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How Does Air Sealing Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Air sealing 101

Let’s talk about something that is just as important as insulation, but doesn’t always get as much credit or fanfare. It’s something that drastically improves the energy performance of any house. In fact, It’s something that must be done before all other energy improvements, such as attic insulation, floor insulation, and wall insulation can be done.

This process helps prevent these awful health and energy sapping problems:

  • – Mold
  • – Asthma
  • – Allergies
  • – Overheating in the summer
  • – Overextended HVAC system
  • – Excessively cold or hot temperatures
  • – High electric bills

What is this green energy miracle? It’s none other than air sealing of the attic. What is air sealing and why is it so beneficial?

In order to understand the principle behind air sealing and its many benefits, you have to understand how the air in your home flows and moves.

There’s a phenomenon in every home and building called “the stack effect.”

The stack effect, simply put, is when the warm air in your home (or building) rises and escapes out of your home through tiny cracks, gaps, and passageways in the attic. This, in turn, creates a vacuum at the bottom of your home, pulling in outside air and making your home waste energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Chances are you already knew all about the stack effect, but did you know that unless you seal your attic properly it’s costing you money? You could be paying up to double what you should be! Now if that’s not a motivation for attic sealant and insulation, I don’t know what is!

The Department of Energy states, “Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.”


Basically, the air sealing process stops up all air the leaks in your attic to prevent unnecessary air flow.

How do we do that?

Our energy pros at Pink Your Home have all the tools and expertise needed to identify all the areas in your attic and home that have air leakage, even the tiny cracks that you had no idea existed!

Some of the important places where your home might be inadvertently leaking air:

  • – Chimney chases
  • – Ducts, vents, registers, chases
  • – Cracks near electrical boxes
  • – Drilled holes for electrical cables and wires
  • – Recessed ceiling lights and fans
  • – Cracks between partition drywall and top plates
  • – Unused chimneys
  • – Plumbing penetrations through the attic floor

Finally, once we’ve identified the leaky trouble spots, we seal up all these nasty little cracks, holes, air passageways–anywhere that air can get in or out of your attic.

Our team of professionals is proud to assist you in paving the way for a greener, more energy efficient home. We just know you’ll love the savings and the comfort you’ll enjoy year round!