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Westlake Village

Located between Los Angeles County and Ventura County, Westlake Village is a beautiful city to work or play. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the coastal breeze through the canyons while enjoying the view of the lake the city is built around. They can also visit the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area which offers hiking trails for your adventurous side. Neighboring cities, such as Thousand Oaks and Malibu, make for a great mix of cool weather, but not everyone wants their home to feel 10 degrees cooler or warmer than it truly is. Home Insulation Masters provides customers with the ability to create a comfortable home to return to.

Locally owned and operated, Home Insulation Masters is dedicated to providing expert and quality installation for our customers’ variety of needs. We offer insulation for every situation, and are happy to provide the best solutions for any application. We provide expert craftsmanship and get the job done right the first time, because having bad insulation is just as bad as not having any at all, maybe even worse.

Home Insulation Masters’ PINK YOUR HOME program was created to give Contractors and homeowners a team they could count on when looking for insulation professionals! We train our installers on industry best practices and guarantee that we can be counted on to install your insulation to the highest standards! We are happy to serve our hometown headquarters, Westlake Village.

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